There's Such a Thing as a "Flirting Face" . . . Every Guy Can Spot It

Is she flirting or just being polite? It’s a question plenty of men have had to ask themselves or their friends in social settings. Sometimes, unfortunately, it can lead to awkward misunderstandings when you get these signals are wrong. So is there really a way to tell if someone likes you?University of Kansas, there's such a thing as a "flirting face" women make. And the researchers found pretty much EVERY guy can spot it. Here's how they describe the flirting face:

. . . Your head is turned to one side and tilted down slightly

. . . You have a slight smile.

. . . And your eyes are locked on the person you're flirting with.

All of that may or may not be something you do intentionally . . . but whether or not you realize you're making the flirting face, guys will figure it out sooner than later.  

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