3 Stories Of Coronavirus Insanity

There's a lot of crazy going on in our lives right now. Here's 3 stories where Coronavirus

is making everybody a little nuts!!

  • Have you seen people driving around with their face masks hanging from their rear view mirrors? I definitely have. And now Triple A is warning people NOT to do that, because it could block your view and make you more likely to crash.
  • A guy without a mask was escorted out of Disney's Hollywood Studios park on Tuesday and tried to quote"A Bug's Life". . . apparently to try to rally other people because he thought he was having a real hero's moment.

But he misquoted the movie. 

He shouted, quote, "If one guy stands up, one ant stands up!" 

Hopper, the bad guy in "A Bug's Life", actually says, quote, "You let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up."

A wedding in Maine last month was the cause of more than 175 confirmed Coronavirus cases and is now responsible for at least seven deaths. None of the people who died went to the wedding . . . they caught the virus from people who did.

Stories like this one serve as a wake up call, that yes it sucks, but this thing is still to dangerous to take a chance on!

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