Palm Beach County's Police Chiefs "Strongly Oppose" Immigrant Influx

Border fence wall against illegal immigration

The Palm Beach County Police Chiefs Association has told Gov. Ron DeSantis that its members "strongly oppose" a plan by the U.S. Border Patrol to bring hundreds of illegal immigrants to the area.

The group, made of law enforcement leaders from around the county, say that releasing the migrants into our communities while they wait for a court hearing will challenge police in areas where they're already facing challenges with undocumented migrants who continue to land on our beaches.

They believe the influx will also hike the homeless population.

The Honorable Governor Rick DeSantis.

PL 05 The Capitol.

400 South Monroe Street.

Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001.

RE: Migrant Resettlement and Processing

Dear Governor DeSantis ,

The members of the Palm Beach County Association of Chiefs of Police were briefed today on the resettlement and processing operation being considered by the United States Border Patrol (CBP). This will directly affect south Florida and all of Palm Beach County municipalities.

Our members have very strong concerns relating to the impact of such an operation where 14,000 migrant family units per year may be flown into South Florida, transported to Riviera Beach, processed and released into our communities as they wait for their court hearing and processing.

This action will surely task all of law enforcement in our communities. This unfunded mandate will change the challenges for every agency who today are already challenged with the influx of undocumented migrants that continue to land on our beaches in South Florida.

We see additional concerns relating to the increased needs of personnel and assets to handle such an influx of family units. This influx will have a direct effect on potential homeless numbers and present challenges to our school district. We believe this will have a major effect on local law enforcement in carrying out its primary function, including loss of trust among immigrant groups, inadequate resources, the complexity of federal laws, a lack of local legal authority for intervention, and risks of civil liability.

With this in mind, the Palm Beach County Association of Chiefs of Police and all of our member agencies strongly oppose this resettlement plan and operation.


Chief Sean Brammer


Photo: Getty Images


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