Palm Beach County Schools Release Statement On Illegal Immigrant Kids

The Palm Beach County School District is laying out its policy regarding children who may be among an influx of illegal immigrants.

The U.S. Border Patrol plans to fly 270 migrants caught crossing into the southern border into South Florida on a weekly basis, with half of those going to Palm Beach and the other half to Broward County.

Local officials have been speaking out about concerns they'll be a strain on public resources.

School funding has already been a concern in South Florida, with school district officials in Palm Beach County fighting off a challenge from charter schools to share money from a recent property tax hike. Still, the Palm Beach County School District says it will welcome the immigrant kids to class.

Here is a statement released on Friday:

"Under federal law, public education is the right of every child K-12, regardless of their birthplace or citizenship. As such, the School District of Palm Beach County will continue to provide a world-class education to all students without consideration of their immigration status.

In April of 2017, the School Board further emphasized its commitment to all children by adopting the Welcoming and Inclusive Schools Resolution that highlights the District’s inclusiveness towards immigrants in our schools.

Through this effort, the School District, the Department of Multicultural Education and the Welcome Center, in conjunction with community agencies, have created an Immigrant Support Plan that outlines District Protocol towards immigrant students and provides information about community agencies that have services available to assist these families.

The School District, the Department of Multicultural Education and the Welcome Center stand ready to work collaboratively with our community to provide the support needed to these children."


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