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Cops Burst Into Yoga Class When "Corpse Pose" Was Mistaken for Mass Murder

Police in the U.K. responded to an observatory on Wednesday evening, when someone reported seeing a bunch of dead bodies.

The witness apparently thought there had been a mass murder, or cult ritual killings. But when the police got there, it was just a YOGA CLASS.

The class was performing the "corpse pose" . . . also known as 'shavasana' . . . where a person lays on their back with their arms and legs spread out. You can imagine how that may have looked.

Obviously, it didn't take long for the police to figure out that there was a misunderstanding . . . and the sirens and police activity probably disturbed the students' zen vibes.

The yoga instructor said, "My heart goes out to the people who thought I was a murderer, but I can assure you I just hold space for deep relaxation."

The police say the caller had "good intentions."

For reference on what the "Corpse Pose" is, an example is posted below.

Sources: BBC / Facebook

Article Pic: Getty Images

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