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The Best Album Covers of all time RANKED.

(This is an ongoing poll. This was the Top 10 as of late last night. Head to to see the most up-to-date results.)

followed by OUR TOP 3 ranked

1.  "Dark Side of the Moon",  Pink Floyd


2.  "Abbey Road"The Beatles


3.  "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band",  The Beatles


4.  "Wish You Were Here",  Pink Floyd


5.  "Physical Graffiti",  Led Zeppelin


6.  "Led Zeppelin 4",  Led Zeppelin


7.  "Led Zeppelin",  Led Zeppelin


8.  "Black Sabbath",  Black Sabbath


9.  "Queen 2",  Queen


10.  "Nevermind",  Nirvana


1. Kiss Destroyer

2. Highway to Hell

3. License to ILL

Producer X

  1. Doggy Style from Snoop
  2. Number of the Beast from Iron Maiden
  3. Dookie from Green Day

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