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Would you agree on this List of ROCK Albums with No bad Songs?

 What is the first album that comes to mind when it comes to albums with no bad songs? put out a list of 25 legendary albums without a single weak track. Here are 15 of them:


 1.  "Highway to Hell",  AC/DC

 2.  "Dirt",  Alice in Chains

 3.  "Magical Mystery Tour",  The Beatles

 4.  "The Rise of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars",  David Bowie

 5.  "In Rock",  Deep Purple

 6.  "Rumours",  Fleetwood Mac

 7.  "Appetite for Destruction",  Guns N' Roses

 8.  "Are You Experienced?",  The Jimi Hendrix Experience

 9.  "Led Zeppelin 4",  Led Zeppelin

 10.  "Nevermind",  Nirvana

 11.  "Ten",  Pearl Jam

 12.  "The Dark Side of the Moon",  Pink Floyd

 13.  "OK Computer",  Radiohead

14.  "Exile on Main St.",  The Rolling Stones

15.  "Superunknown",  Soundgarden

As far as OUR albums with no bad songs...

AJ's Picks

Linkin Park / Minutes to Midnight

Southside Doublewide / Sevendust

Master of Puppets / Metallica

Producer X

Meteora / Linkin Park

Feel the Steel / Steel Panther

Running with Scissors / Wierd AL


I have a million so here are a few I see are not on the list.

Sonic Temple / The Cult

Joshua Tree / U2

Audioslave / Audioslave

(Check out the full list here. What albums would you add?)

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