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Survey reveals what people Would Rather Do than their own taxes.

Today is Tax Day.

 In a new poll, people would rather do these not-so-fun things than their taxes: Full disclosure..I've used one of the tax prep services with the guaranteed support in case you screw it up so it's been oddly satisfying...and I hate numbers. That being said here are the numbers with a little commentary


 49% of people would rather go through jury duty. I've never done it...then again I don't check my mail much.

 36% would rather talk to their kids about "the birds and the bees." Taxes early and often for me.

 26% would rather miss a connecting flight.

 16% would rather spend a night in jail. Hmm, not sure about that one. How's the food?

 15% would rather swim with sharks. You may have no more taxes to worry about after that.

 And 13% would drink expired milk. My gag reflex activates with just the thought of this.


 Those things would only get you one free pass on doing your taxes. But hypothetically, what would you do to be able to live tax-free . . . FOREVER.


39% would move to a different country. I think they may want to visit a country with little or no taxes first. Those pot holes don't get fixed.

 37% would get an "IRS" tattoo. Let me ponder...What else could that stand for?

 23% would "stop talking for six months."  (???)

 22% would give up sex. Really?! Try it and get back with me.

 14% would name a child "Taxes". Hmmm T for Short?

 And 10% would spend three years cleaning prison toilets. Nope. Sucks cleaning my own toilet.

Thoughts? Something to add? Reach out or give a follow.


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