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1000 people were asked what will end humanity. Heres the breakdown.

We saw this story and had our own conversation in the studio on what the most likely Dooms Day scenario was. We all believe AI will be involved somehow.

Here's the breakdown from the YouGov web poll on the subject using 1000 Americans.


1. Nuclear weapons. 70% of us think there's a good chance they'll take us down.

2. Another world war, 67%.

 3. Armageddon or an act of God, 62%.

 4. A pandemic, 56%.

 5. Climate change, 53%.

 6. An asteroid, 50%.

 7. A.I., 44%.

 8. A global inability to have kids, like in "The Handmaid's Tale", 36%.

 9. An alien invasion, 25% think it's possible.

Those same people were also asked how long they think we have left. Of those polled over a third of us were very optimistic, or very pessimistic.

 18% think we'll be gone within TEN YEARS . . . but another 18% think we'll still be here a MILLION years from now.

Just for the record, I'm going with a combination of AI and Plant-based Jerky gone bad! Let us know your thoughts on the talkback feature on the free IHeart Radio App.

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