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Florida Man Broke into a Police Station and Pooped on the Floor

What's the dumbest drunk thing you've ever done? Bet you can't top this . . .



Today’s Superstar, 36-year-old Joseph Moulton, got hammered on Saturday . . . broke into a POLICE STATION . . . and pooped on the floor.



It happened at the police headquarters and that's not all he did. Here's how it went down . . .



First, he scaled a fence outside, got into an unlocked cop car, and hung out in there for a few minutes. Then he hid behind some bushes until no one was looking . . . found a hose . . . shoved it under the door . . . and turned it on.



The lobby ended up flooding with an inch of water. Somehow, no one noticed any of this.



Then once he was in the building, he took a shower in the locker rooms . . . put on a police uniform and bulletproof vest . . . tossed a $1,000 police radio in a toilet . . . and defecated on the floor of the women's bathroom.



He was gone before anyone realized what happened. But they were able to identify him . . . because it turned out he'd left his WALLET AND I.D. behind.



They found it in the cop car he'd gotten into outside. But that's not actually how they tracked him down.



An employee at a nearby 7-Eleven called the cops after Joseph walked in . . . still drunk . . . wearing an official police jacket.



He was gone by the time they got there, but they found him a few hours later. He was shirtless at that point, so he apparently ditched the police uniform.



He tried to hide in some bushes again, but they got him in custody. It turned out he was so drunk, he didn't remember doing ANY of it.



He's facing charges for burglary and grand theft. 



So what lucky Florida county get to take this L on this???

Naples, Florida.

Sources: WBBH / WFTX
Here's his mugshot

Article Pic: Getty Images

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