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Weird Rules for your Relationships that might actually work!

Do you have any unique rules in your relationship that people might find weird? 

Someone asked couples to share theirs, and a few of these are VERY interesting

1.  You can only fight naked. When things get heated, you have to strip down if you want to keep arguing. 

2.  Never seeing or dealing with each other's families. That includes going to family functions alone, even holidays like Christmas. 

3.  Having all your big fights over text. It forces you to slow down and respond without blurting stuff out in anger. It also creates a paper trail, so you can prove what someone did or didn't say. 

4.  Living in separate homes. A couple bought a duplex instead of a house, so they both have their own space. 

5.  A chicken nugget tax. If either of you make them, you have to bring one nugget to the other person before you eat any.

6.  On-demand make-out sessions. At any time, you can say "I need 30 seconds," and they have to give you 30 seconds of uninterrupted kissing.

7.  No checking in. Zero pressure to call or text when you're out of town or away all day. They're not allowed to get offended or upset.

8.  Separate groceries. You can still share things like milk and butter. But otherwise, just go to the store yourself and buy whatever you want.

9.  Mid-argument "I love you's." If you need to storm out of a room, you have to say "I love you" first.

10.  Whisper fights. When things get heated, you're only allowed to whisper. It breaks the tension, because it's hard to take yourself too seriously.


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