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Today's Superstar got drunk on Boone's Farm and Fell Asleep at Arbys

Today's Superstar got drunk off Boone's Farm and Fell Asleep While Ordering Curly Fries at an Arby's Drive Thru

Our Superstar is a 43-year-old male driver in Minnesota who was arrested Friday afternoon after drinking Boone's Farm and then passing out in an Arby's drive thru while ordering curly fries. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

On Friday afternoon, the police in Minnesota were called to an Arby's location, where a 43-year-old male driver in the drive-thru line was unresponsive. 

The cops determined that the man was fine just "extremely drunk." He reportedly passed out right after ordering curly fries. 

Fortunately, another customer noticed that something was wrong, and was able to open the driver's side door and shift the vehicle to park. 

The man was too drunk to do any field sobriety tests. He admitted to drinking Boone's Farm earlier in the day, and was arrested. 

In a Facebook post, the department said, "Becoming extremely drunk and then driving to get curly fries is an incredibly selfish decision."   

(CBS News)

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