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Today's Superstar tried to escape from jail DRESSED AS A SHEEP!!!

Today's superstar is an inmate who was busted trying to escape prison disguised as a sheep?

An inmate in Bolivia was caught trying to escape prison dressed as a SHEEP. He actually got past the wall, but was caught in a nearby grassland when the prison guards noticed he was missing from his cell.

Today's Superstar is José Diaz, who's serving a 15-year sentence for murder. He also goes by "El Arana," which translates to "the spider."

Earlier this month, José was busted trying to ESCAPE disguised not as a spider, but as a SHEEP. 

He'd wrapped himself in sheepskin, got down on all fours, and crawled past security past a wall and out into the grassland that surrounds the jail in the middle of the night.

Prison authorities didn't catch on until they noticed he was missing from his cell, and started searching for him. That's when they saw a strange "sheep" in the grassland, and nabbed him. He's back behind bars now. For what it's worth, the guards are blaming his ability to get past the prison wall on "bad weather." 

(Fox News

(There's actually a blurry PHOTO of Joséas the sheep.)

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