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DC Was More Popular Than Marvel in 2022 On PornHub

Harley Quinn tops PornHub's list of the most-searched movies and characters of 2022. She's followed by "Star Wars""365 Days"Black Widow, and Wonder Woman.

DC was more popular than Marvel in 2022 . . . in the world of SMUT. released its year-end stats. And when it comes to the most searched movies and characters, Harley Quinn was the queen

Here's the Top 15

1. Harley Quinn

2. "Star Wars"

3. "365 Days" 

4. Black Widow

5. Wonder Woman

6. Sonic  (Like the HEDGEHOG???)

7. Catwoman

8. Avengers

9. Princess Leia

10. Guardians of the Galaxy

11. "Avatar"

12. Batman

13. Elastigirl 

14. Tomb Raider

15. "The Incredibles"


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