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An Amazon Driver stole packages while delivering packages

Today's Superstar is An Amazon Driver who stole packages while delivering packages

A female Amazon driver recently delivered to a house, and STOLE several other packages that were already on the porch. She was caught on camera, and Amazon has let her go. The police are investigating.

If someone stole packages from your porch, the LEAST likely suspect would probably be the delivery driver, but even THAT is possible.

A female Amazon delivery driver delivered packages to a home in New York City back on October 29th and while she was there, she STOLE several packages that had been previously delivered.

She might have gotten away with it, but she was caught red-handed on the family's doorbell surveillance camera.

She opened the stolen packages in her truck, and saw they were dresses for a wedding. So she drove down to the shop they were purchased from returned them and was given a digital gift card. The homeowner says even though they didn't have the dresses, the wedding went off without a hitch.

Amazon identified the driver, and fired her. A rep says they're working with the police, who are still investigating. They also reached out to the homeowner and said they'd make it right.

(Fox 5 NY)

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