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Man starts a house fire to get people to leave party!

Today's Superstar Set His Shower Curtain on Fire to Get His Visitors to Leave?

How many times can this work?

Today's Superstar, is a man in New York, intentionally lit his shower curtain on fire last Friday, because he wanted some visitors to leave. He was arrested and charged with second-degree arson. It doesn't sound like anyone was hurt.

Here's a tip for you: Be wary of wearing out your welcome at someone's home otherwise, they might try to SMOKE YOU OUT.

A man in Syracuse, New York was apparently fed up with the people in his apartment last Friday and he wanted them to leave. So he went into the bathroom and LIT THE SHOWER CURTAIN ON FIRE.

It's unclear if a fire alarm went off, or someone called 911 but the police showed up . . . saw the shower curtain burning on the floor and stomped it out. They also noted that the floor and the door frame were burned.

39-year-old Daniel Hart was arrested and charged with second-degree arson, which is a felony. Thankfully, it sounds like the fire didn't get out of control, and no one was hurt. But the cops noted that he didn't just endanger the lives of the people in the apartment . . . the building has 12 other units. 


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