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WATCH: QB in Fan Controlled Football League lights up scoreboard and Joint

A Quarterback Who Smoked a Joint During a Touchdown Celebration Has Been Fired


A quarterback in the Fan Controlled Football league was fired for celebrating a touchdown pass by lighting up a joint. The league actually supports responsible pot use, but the games are played in Georgia, where it's still illegal.

It's a crazy indoor league where fans vote in real time on what plays the offense should run. They also decide the outcome of instant replay reviews. And some actual former NFL stars have played it, like JOHNNY MANZIEL and TERRELL OWENS.

But they're not important right now . . . JASON STEWART is. Jason was the quarterback for a team called the Zappers . . . until he threw a touchdown pass last week and celebrated by pulling a joint out of his pants, lighting it, and taking a hit.

Well, Jason got fired . . . but only on a technicality. Because the FCF actually SUPPORTS players' "responsible use of cannabis."

But it's still illegal in Georgia, where all the games are played . . . and smoking is banned in the arena they play in. So Jason had to go.

He's not sweating it, though. He Tweeted that he's doing "just fine in life off the field," and it was a blessing just to play again.  

(WARNING: The video contains profanity.)

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