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A Car Thief was released and arrested again in the Jail Parking Lot!

A Car Thief Was Released from Jail, and Was Arrested Again After Trying to Steal a Car in the Jail Parking Lot

Today's superstar was released from jail on Saturday night . . . and then he was almost immediately arrested again, when he tried to steal a car in the JAIL PARKING LOT.

If someone gets arrested for stealing a car, what do you think they're thinking about in jail? Maybe they're regretting what they've done . . . or maybe they're thinking about the next car they're going to steal.

A 21-year-old man in Nevada named Aidan Crowley was released from jail on Saturday, after he'd been arrested for vehicle burglary the day before. 

But Aidan apparently didn't have a ride home . . . so he attempted to steal ANOTHER car . . . in the JAIL PARKING LOT.

The Washoe County Sheriff says that Aidan was caught in the parking lot . . . inside a vehicle that didn't belong to him. So he was arrested . . . again.

The Sheriff is reminding all citizens to "lock the doors on their vehicle when unoccupied, and to remove all valuables from the view of would-be thieves" . . . even in jail parking lots.

(Facebook / KOLO)  

(Here's Aidan's mugshot.)

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