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A Woman who Was "Likely on Drugs" on 4/20 was Driving with a Missing Tire

A Lady Who Was "Likely on Drugs" Got Busted on 4/20 for Driving with a Missing Tire

Today's Superstar is a woman who police say was "likely on drugs" got arrested near Vancouver, British Columbia on 4/20 FOR DRIVING WITH A MISSING TIRE!!!

Police say this lady was "likely on drugs." You'd almost have to be to do something like this

A woman in her 40s got arrested near Vancouver, British Columbia last Wednesday after multiple people called 911 to report a car swerving back and forth on a busy street.

And when police got there, they noticed that her car was missing a TIRE.

It had all four wheels, but the front right one didn't have a tire on it. So she was driving on the rim.

They say she was probably on drugs, and that they tested her. They haven't revealed the results, but last Wednesday was 4/20 . . . the big weed-smokers' holiday.

Police say the same car was involved in an accident about an hour earlier. It's not clear if that's when she lost the tire, or if it was already missing. 

(CTV News)

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