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Florida Bride and Caterer secretly serve their guest Devil's Lettuce

A Bride and a Caterer Secretly Drugged Their Wedding Guests

Chaos broke out at a wedding in Florida back in February, when a bride and her caterer secretly spiked the food with MARIJUANA. Now, they're both facing felony charges. The groom was apparently not involved. 

A bride secretly drugged the guests at her wedding . . . with help from the caterer . . . and she was SURPRISED that it went south?

A 42-year-old woman named Danya Svoboda got married in February, and the reception featured a dinner that was laced with MARIJUANA. Apparently, it was added to the olive oil, which was served alongside the pasta.

The caterer was 31-year-old Joycelyn Bryant, the owner of a place called Joycelyn's Southern Kitchen. And she was in on it. Both Danya and Joycelyn thought it was funny, and that the guests should be excited like it was a gift.

The guests say they were NOT informed that the food had been spiked, and it wasn't long before they started feeling high, sick, confused, and paranoid.

A 69-year-old woman told cops that she had "no control over her mind and body" and that "her mind was playing strange things in her head." And the Best Man was so stoned, he couldn't even talk. The groom reportedly had NO IDEA this was happening. 

Several guests were hospitalized, but everyone made a full recovery. Both Danya and Joycelyn are facing felony charges. 

(Fox News / The Smoking Gun)

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