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A Study Ranked Penis Sizes in 86 Countries, and the U.S. Is 59th

A new study ranked the size of men's JUNK in 86 different countries around the world, and American men ranked 59th with an average of 5.35 inches.



A men's health company called From Mars supposedly used "Google data" to come up with the numbers, but that's all we know. Here's what they found . . .



1. Ecuador is first with an average of 6.93 inches.  (!!!) 21 different countries clocked in at over six, including the top five: Ecuador, Cameroon, Bolivia, Sudan, and Haiti.



2. At 5.35 inches, the U.S. barely tops Japan at 5.34. But we rank higher than the U.K., 5.17 . . . and Ireland, 5.03.



3. Canada and Mexico both ranked higher than the U.S. Mexico is 29th at 5.87 inches . . . and Canada is TWELFTH at 6.19.



4. And finally, LAST on the list is Cambodia at 3.95 inches. Then it's Taiwan, 4.24 . . . the Philippines, 4.27 . . . Sri Lanka, 4.29 . . . and Hong Kong, 4.41. 



Source: LAD Bible

Article Pic: Getty Images

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