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The 450K Surprise Birthday Lawsuit

A Man Was Awarded $450,000 Because He Didn't Want a Birthday Party But His Boss Surprised Him Anyway

A man in Kentucky told his boss he didn't want a birthday party, because it would make him have a panic attack. They surprised him with a party anyway . . . he freaked . . . and now a jury has awarded him $450,000.

There are three kinds of people in the world: Those who want a birthday party at work . . . those who don't . . . and those who REALLY don't, like seriously, guys, no.

Back in 2019, a man in Kentucky named Kevin Berling asked his then-employer Gravity Diagnostics not to celebrate his birthday because he said he has an anxiety disorder, and it would trigger a panic attack.

The company ignored him, and threw a party for him over lunchtime anyway. Naturally he got VERY upset. He did have a panic attack and left to have lunch in his car. The higher-ups confronted him about his reaction he freaked out again and a few days later they FIRED HIM.

Kevin sued the company, and now, a jury has just awarded him $450,000 ,$150,000 for lost pay, and $300,000 for emotional distress deciding that he suffered an "adverse employment action" because of his anxiety disability.

For the record, the company stands by the firing, claiming that Kevin became unstable, and they were protecting other employees in the event he got violent. 

(NBC News / WCPO)

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