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Florida Woman Used HER CAT as a Weapon During a Domestic Dispute

A Woman Used Her Cat as a Weapon During a Domestic Dispute

 A woman in Florida got arrested for domestic battery after allegedly using her cat as a WEAPON. She shoved the cat in her girlfriend's face, and it went into attack mode. Police say the girlfriend suffered multiple lacerations.

Cats are cute, so it's easy to forget they're also killing machines . . .

A 53-year-old woman near Clearwater, Florida named Susan Freudenthal got arrested the other day . . . after using her cat as a WEAPON.

She and her girlfriend were arguing. It sounds like the girlfriend accused Susan of cheating.

So Susan held up their cat and "swore on [its] life" that she HADN'T cheated.

She shoved the cat in the girlfriend's face, which freaked it out. So it went into attack mode.

Police said the girlfriend had multiple lacerations on her face when they showed up. And they arrested Susan for domestic battery. 

In the police report, they listed the type of weapon used as a "feline."

Susan claims she's the true victim and didn't do anything wrong. But she also got arrested for domestic battery back in March of last year. Those charges were eventually dropped though. 

(WFLA / The Smoking Gun)

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