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Florida Driving Instructor gets DUI in His "Student Driver" Vehicle

A Driving Instructor Was Arrested for DUI in His "Student Driver" Vehicle

 A Florida driving instructor was arrested for DUI on Friday night. He was driving his "student driver" vehicle and had an open pack of Natural Light in the backseat. He was NOT teaching at the time, thankfully.

 A 54-year-old man named Gregory Sorensen was pulled over and arrested for DUI in Florida late Friday night and he was driving a very interesting vehicle.

It was a student-driver car with the decals on and everything, and the guy was apparently a driving instructor.

He was alone in the car at the time of his arrest well, it was just him and the "open pack of Natural Light beer in the back seat." 

He failed a field sobriety test .and his blood alcohol content was nearly three times the legal limit in Florida. 

It's unclear what this arrest might mean for his future as a driving instructor.

(Fox 13 News)  

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