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What Skills and hobbies are being eliminated by technology?

A List of "Lost Skills" Includes: Map Reading and Using Proper Grammar


A comprehensive list of "lost skills and hobbies" due to technology and other modern conveniences includes: Writing letters, map reading, knowing proper grammar, spelling, sewing, wiring a plug yourself, and preserving food.

A poll of 2,000 adults found reading a map, using a compass and even simple handwriting are high within the top 50 list of lost talents. Others on the list are knitting, tying knots, making bread or washing clothes by hand..

But one thing is clear: Technology has changed what we NEED to know, and it's made some hobbies feel outdated.

There's a list of the Top 50 "lost skills and hobbies" making the rounds online and most of them have been retired due to technology and modern conveniences.

The Top 10 are: 

Writing letters

map reading

knowing proper grammar

mental math .

remembering phone numbers

using a compass


handwashing clothes

making a fire from scratch

and stamp collection

The list also includes: Sewing . . . knitting . . . wiring a plug yourself  . . . spelling . . . preserving food, such as pickling . . . making your own foods, like jam, cheese, and bread . . . pottery-making . . . and reading.

(You can find the full Top 50, here.)

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