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Pete & Kanye's Text exchange gets released and its heated!

Did Pete Send Kanye a Selfie While He Was in Bed with Kim???


KANYE WEST posted some pictures of a text exchange he had with PETE DAVIDSON, where Pete supposedly sent him a selfie where he's in bed with KIM KARDASHIAN. He also told Kanye he wanted to meet face-to-face to settle their differences.

Kanye threw a bunch of stuff up this weekend, and took a lot of it down. But it's still all over the Internet.

It seems to have started when Kanye posted videos bashing KIM KARDASHIAN for letting their daughter North do TikTok videos, and for restricting his access to all the kids. 

He even suggested that she's taunting and gaslighting him, and trying to drive him crazy.

Then Kanye posted some texts he supposedly got from Pete, who told him that Kim is, quote, "literally the best mother I've ever met... I've decided I'm not gonna let you treat us this way anymore and I'm done being quiet. Grow the [eff] up."

Kanye asked Pete where he was, and Pete replied, quote, "In bed with your wife." And he sent Kanye a selfie where he's shirtless, lying in bed, sticking his tongue out, and flashing a peace sign.

Also, he has a new tattoo of the word "Kim" on his chest.

After a little back-and-forth, Kanye invites Pete to his "Sunday Service" but Pete says he'd rather talk to him in private, man-to-man. And he tells Kanye that airing all of this in public may scar his family for life.

He also mentions his own struggles with mental health, and urges Kanye to get help.

Pete also tells Kanye that "Saturday Night Live" has wanted to lampoon Kanye for months, but he won't let them, and he's even stopped other comedians from doing bits about him.

He says, quote, "I have your back even though you treat me like (crap) . . . but if you continue to press me . . . I'm gonna stop being nice."

 (You can check out two of the Kanye videos and his exchange with Pete at TMZ.)

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