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Lifting Weights for Just Three Seconds a Day Can Improve Your Strength?

Want to build muscle? Do you have three seconds?



In a new study, researchers in Australia and Japan say they've found that performing a single bicep curl . . . at maximum effort . . . can lead to a 10% increase in muscle strength within just one month. Yes, just one.



So that's three seconds a day, or less than two minutes . . . total . . . per month.



Now, a couple of caveats: They're not saying that three seconds of exercise is sufficient . . . only that you can build muscle strength with a single curl every day. And there's a specific motion that you should include to get the best results.



A curl can be broken down into three motions: A concentric curl, an isometric contraction, and an eccentric contraction. The concentric curl is lifting a weight in toward your chest . . . the classic image of a bicep curl.



An isometric contraction is HOLDING the weight while your muscle is in a fixed position. And an eccentric contraction is lowering the weight back down away from your body. And THAT is the movement that can be the most beneficial. But hey . . . you can probably handle doing all three motions. Once.



Source: Edith Cowan University

Article Pic: Getty Images

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