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A woman turned a simple bobby pin INTO A HOUSE through a series of trades

Take a look around for something small...YOU COULD TURN THAT INTO A FULL BLOWN HOUSE

A woman on TikTok went viral for a challenge she created called the "Trade Me Project"

Demi Skipper went viral for an elaborate challenge she created called the "Trade Me Project," where she turned a bobby pin into a house through 28 trades over a year and a half.

It was inspired by a story from a few years ago of a guy who went from a red paperclip to a house. Demi started with a single bobby pin, and each time she traded up the exchanges got bigger and bigger.

She traded the bobby pin for a pair of earrings, which led to a set of glasses, then a vacuum, and a snowboard. Eventually she worked her way up to larger items, like cars, tractors, and a Chipotle "celebrity card" worth about $20,000.

Demi traded the Chipotle card for a trailer with a fridge and Tesla solar panels that was worth around $40,000. And she traded THAT for an actual house.

It's a small, modest place in Tennessee. But she plans to move there from California and fix it up. 

Check out her series on TikTok Above and look around for something that could potentially trade for a house.

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