Aerosmith is releasing 7 tracks From 1971 studio recordings


One of the Band's Earliest Recordings from 1971 is now seeing the light of day along with Seven other tracks. The Rehearsal Room Recordings will finally be released on Nov. 26th, 2022 which happens to be record store day.
The new set will be titled with 1971: The Road Starts Hear.
It features pre fame versions Aerosmith classics like Dream on and Mama Kin in their Boston Rehearsal Space
1971: The Road Starts Hear will be limited to only 10,000 vinyl copies and 2,000 cassettes.

The tracklisting to Aerosmith's'1971: The Road Starts Hear' is:

Side One: "Rehearsal Room," "Somebody," and "Reefer Headed Woman / Walkin' The Dog"

Side Two:"Movin' Out," "Major Barbra," "Dream On," and "Mama Kin"

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