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A Guy Shot His Son, Because He Wouldn't Stop Playing Guitar

Today's Superstar PULLED A GUN on his 50 year old son over making a racket on that dang Guitar AND SHOT HIM!

A father in Cincinnati got angry at his son over the weekend, because he wouldn't stop playing guitar. Which isn't that weird . . . except the dad is 79, and the son is 50.

Fred Hensley Jr. had been jammin' out for over an hour and refused to stop. So Fred Sr. lost his temper grabbed a GUN, threatened to SHOOT him AND DID.

He claims he was just trying to shoot the guitar. But obviously guitars aren't bulletproof. So he ended up hitting his son in the side, somewhere in the stomach or ribcage area.

Luckily, he didn't die. It sounds like the guitar is toast though, because police found a bullet hole in it.

After the shooting, they got into a scuffle. Fred Sr. ended up with a fat lip and some cuts to his face. Then he called 911 and told them he accidentally shot his son.

They sent an ambulance and got Fred Jr. to a hospital. The dad is facing charges for felonious assault and domestic violence. 

We are now at ONE day since Florida has been the National Embarrassment

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