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Florida Woman Threw Tacos at Her Mom and Got Arrested for Battery

Today's Superstar is Braiden Lankford, and she should be locked up for years after she wasted multiple tacos by chucking them at her mom's head!

A 20-year-old woman in Tampa Bay named Braiden Lankford is facing charges after assaulting her own mother by hurling TACOS at her.

They'd been arguing about cleaning the house, and Braiden got angry. So she picked up two tacos and threw them at her mom's head.

Braiden was in the dining room, and her mom was in the living room on the couch. So it was a pretty decent throw. It sounds like both tacos hit their mark.

Someone called the cops, who showed up and found little bits of taco all over the place. A police report said the mom had, quote, "food debris all around her on the couch, and on the back of her shirt."

Braiden claims she threw the tacos out of frustration and didn't mean to hit her mom.

Obviously they weren't heavy enough to do any damage, so her mom wasn't hurt. But cops arrested Braiden and charged her with misdemeanor domestic battery.

She spent a night in jail and got released on $100 bond early Sunday morning. A judge ordered her to have no contact with her mom for now. 

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We are now back to ZERO Days since Florida has been the national embarrassment

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