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Ozzy's 20th Anniversary Of 'Down To Earth' Features Three Rare Tracks

Ozzy's re release of the Down to Earth Album for the 20th Anniversary is now out and it features 3 previously un released songs
Tracks, including “No Place for Angels,” “Dreamer (Acoustic Version)” and “Get Me Through” (Single Version). 

Check out the expanded Down to Earth track listing below:

1. Gets Me Through

2. Facing Hell

3. Dreamer

4. No Easy Way Out

5. That I Never Had

6. You Know...(Pt. 1)

7. Junkie

8. Running out of Time

9. Black Illusion

10. Alive

11. Can You Hear Them?

12.**No Place for Angels

13.**Dreamer (Acoustic Version)

14.**Gets Me Through (Single Version)

**previously unavailable for streaming

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