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Florida or Not Florida: The Cheesy Eggs Special

A Waffle House Waitress Pulls a Gun on a Guy for Complaining About His Eggs

Its now been 2 business days since Florida has been a national embarrassment (weekends don't count)

I guess this is what happens when a waitress who deals with drunk people all the time finally snaps. A guy named Candy Franklin went to a Waffle House in downtown Atlanta on Wednesday. It's not clear if he'd been drinking or not, but it was one in the morning. So, right when all the drunk people come in.

Franklin's order included some eggs with cheese, but they forgot them. So he complained. Then when they did finally bring the eggs, they didn't have cheese. So he complained again.

He eventually DID get the cheesy eggs he ordered. But then while he was checking to make sure they were right, he saw people running out of the restaurant. And when he looked up,


Her name is Angelic Patterson. He says she pointed the gun directly at him and threatened to shoot. So he decided to call her bluff. He told her there was no way she'd shoot him over some eggs. But then she COCKED the gun, and he realized she might actually do it. So he took off.

In the end, she didn't fire any shots, and no one got hurt. But she's now facing charges for aggravated assault. 

Check the full news story coming out of Atlanta

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