IS THIS OUTDATED? Kevin Kiemaier gets plunked after stealing catcher card

Is throwing at a player during a baseball game outdated?

Kevin Kiemaier was plunked by the Toronto Blue Jays pitcher just days after stealing the catcher's pitch card after a close play at the plate.
In the tweet above you can see Kiemaier slide into home plate and during the play you can see a card fall from the catchers gear which was determined to be his pitch card.

Kiemaier was called safe and then picked up the card and walked off. The next day retribution came in the form of the pitcher throwing at Kiemaier which got us asking is this and outdated form of payback in baseball?

Lets see how this plays out in the PLAYOFFS because the RAYS CLINCHED A PLAYOFF SPOT and will most likely see the Blue Jays again.

RAYS UP!!!!!!

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