Joe Exotic launches cannabis line from Prison

Everyone wants a piece of the Tiger King. Joe Exotic, everyone's favorite prisoner, has launched among other things his own cannabis line prison.

The products include CBD edibles and will be sold in dispensaries throughout California, Colorado and Oklahoma. While recreational THC is legal in Cali and Colorado, only medicinal is kosher in Joe's old OK stomping grounds. Find all the info on his Cannabis line HERE.

Along with the weed line, Exotic is launching his own crypto currency labeled "Tiger King Coins" and is auctioning off his iconic Smith and Wesson and Holster seen in the show. Starting bids for the gun are starting at 10,000 dollars. You can see the auction HERE.

such as his Smith and Wesson seen in the show along with the Holster. Starting bids for the gun are over 10,000 Dollars.

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