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New Term Alert: "Geriatric Millennials" Are Anyone Born in the Early '80s

This is just what you want to hear when you're pushing 40.

There's a new term for older millennials born in the early '80s, right after the Gen X cut-off. And the term is: "GERIATRIC millennial."

A digital teamwork expert posted about it online, and says anyone born between 1980 and 1985 falls into that category. But she claims it's not actually a bad thing . . . and it might mean you're a natural LEADER in 2021.

Geriatric millennials are good with computers, but grew up in a world where people weren't glued to their phones yet. So unlike younger millennials, you don't lose your mind when someone leaves you a voicemail instead of texting.

That's good at work, because you can bridge the gap between older employees and younger hires. And it's even more important with more people working from home.

Did they have to use the word "geriatric" though? Well, an online poll found 54% of people don't like the term . . . 34% do like it . . . and 12% don't really care.

A few alternate terms people have come up with include "seasoned millennials" . . . "elder millennials" . . . and "original millennials." The term "Xennials" has also been used before. 

Source: Medium/Today/HuffPost
Article Pic: Getty Images

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