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Bar Confiscates a Girl's Fake I.D. So She Called the Cops

Today's Superstar is an 18-year-old girl named Blakelee Sands. Blakelee tried to go to a bar on Tuesday, and was VERY confident in her fake I.D.

The bartender carded her because she looks about 15. And when she flashed her fake I.D., they confiscated it.

But instead of just leaving, she opted to call the COPS.

When police showed up, she told them the I.D. was real, and that the bartender wouldn't give it back.

The name on it was "McKamie Queen."  And when they ran the license number, it belonged to a random guy in Texas.

She's facing charges for trying to mislead police by presenting a fake I.D. 

So tell us, is this Florida or Not Florida???


Oklahoma City
Source: KOKH
Mugshot: Edmond Police Department

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