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Star Goddess week of 1-25! Bucs stuff and what the full moon brings to all

Full moon - brings matters to conclusion. Things that started at the end of last July/ August. Finish things up by Friday. Mercury retrograde starts Saturday.

Aquarius- intimate one to one relationships. It’s their rights and freedoms. Aquarian gets their way. Comes with a lot of responsibility. Good time to advance their own interests. 

Pieces- step back and take a break. Supportive of other people’s energy. May be work or health matter that can finally be resolved. 

Aries- reach for the brass ring! Love affairs/ sports/ amusing. Long term hope wish goal objective. Take your energy and apply to a group situation. (tom ab dba moon sign aries). Take creativity to group and it fits your wants and needs. 

Taurus- career & public standing. Things changing professionally. Pat on back and additional work. Will pay off for them in the long run. Pays off by april/ may. 

Gemini- long distance travel/ legal matters. Legal matters since august get concluded. Better idea of legal standing. Energy squares taurus. Don’t shoot yourself in your own foot. Important matters at a distance that need to be wrapped up. 

Cancer- how can we heal. Making more money that rehabilitates something. Healing from a trauma. Benefitting from others’ resources. 

Leo- great energy. Partnerships/ one to one relationships. It’s not the leo chasing- it’s the other way around. Leo has the hammer. Good press for Leos. It’s your turn to shine. 

Virgo- hard work. Will have to give a bit more than you get. Not all about them. 

Libra- amazing energy. Anything fun/ good time. BA is a Libra. Can achieve any long standing goal/ hope/ wish/ objective. 

Scorpio- rough energy. Give undivided attention to career & public standing. By Thursday thereare hard choices to make. Make a decision like a king- do it with authority, “Because I said so.” 

Sag- great energy. Contracts/ negotiations. Details bout that. Get it squared away by Thursday. Big picture stuff. Find a way to get your day to day living to a much better schedule. Budget time better. Good time for legal things. 

Capricorn- How can I make money and how can I spend money. Money god are smiling. Not about learning ability, about resources shard with others. Maximizing shared resource.

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