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Woman Took DNA Test, Proved Her Real Father Is A Billionaire Family Friend

Ever since all those home DNA tests hit the market, people have been finding out DEEP family secrets. And here's a big one . . .

A woman named Cat McDonald just posted a few videos on TikTok about what happened when she took the AncestryDNA test her dad got for the whole family.

Here's the first and second videos. Warning: She curses in these.

The test showed that the man she THOUGHT was her father was not . . . and it gave her the name of the man who was.

She confronted her mom and aunts and she says they were, quote, "shook" . . . but her dad recognized the name of Cat's biological father as an old family friend. And when Cat Googled him . . . she says it turns out he's a BILLIONAIRE.

Now, if you're like me, that's where your B.S. detector goes off. Like, I'm pretty sure every billionaire in the world has all sorts of "long lost children" hitting them up all the time. But hey, maybe that's just my paranoia and this is all legit.

According to Cat, this billionaire wasn't willing to see her when he heard her name . . . but now that her videos are going viral, she's hoping he'll change his mind. 

Source: Fox News
Article Pic: Getty Images

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