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Fight Over Who Gets to Use the Bathroom Leads to Punches Being Thrown

If you live with other people, you've probably gotten into arguments with them over who gets to use the bathroom.

Let's hope your arguments never get to THIS point.

Today's Superstar is 28-year-old Anthony Villegas, and on Saturday night, Anthony got into an argument with someone he lives with over who got to use the bathroom first.

It's not clear what his relationship with the person is, whether it was a roommate or a family member.

But the argument got so heated that Anthony wound up PUNCHING the other person in their nose, and that person hit back.

When the cops got there, both of them were bleeding, but both of them refused medical attention.

So tell us, was this Florida or Not Florida???


Norwalk, Connecticut

Anthony was arrested for assault. 

Source: New Haven Register

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