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Police Bust Up a Swingers Party And Get Mistaken for Strippers

Today's story is all about a case of mistaken identity.

About 20 couples got together at a farm over the weekend for an underground SWINGERS PARTY. But they didn't have permission to hold a party with that many people during the pandemic, so the cops came.

And when the cops got there, the people at the party thought they were the STRIPPERS.

One of the cops says a woman pulled him aside and whispered, quote, "Look at your eyes. You're getting me hot."

All of the people at the party got citations for violating Covid protocols, and the owner of the farm will be looking at a fine.

So how did the cops find out about the party? The three people who were organizing it got into a fight during the planning, and two of them decided to leave the other one out, so that person ratted them out to the cops. 

So tell us, was this Florida or Not Florida?


Mar del Plata, Argentina

Source: Infobae/Buenos Aires Times
Article Pic: Getty Images

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