Man Robs Bank While On a First Date, Forced Date to Be His Getaway Driver

Today's story forst took place back in December of 2016, but the Superstar was just sentenced for his crime.

It all started when a 40-year-old woman named Shelby Sampson was matched on a dating app with a 33-year-old guy named Christopher Castillo.

Christopher lived about 30 minutes away and asked Shelby to pick him up from his parents' house. That wasn't enough of a red flag, so she picked him up, when proceeded to display red flag #2 by drinking wine in her passenger seat.

Then he asked her to stop at a bank. But she didn't know it was because he was going to ROB it.

A few minutes later, he came running out holding a GUN and $1,000 in cash and told her to drive. She says she, quote, "panicked" and drove away with him, but she pulled over immediately when she saw cop cars behind her.

Christopher was arrested, and was sentenced earlier this week to five years in prison. Shelby managed to avoid any charges or jail time. 

So tell us, was this Florida or Not Florida?


Attleboro Falls, Massachusetts

Source: Sun Chronicle


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