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Woman's Urine Sample Explodes out of 711 Microwave

Let this be a lesson, if you're looking for a job, perhaps you should just try to stay "clean" for 30 days, other wise you could end up like this superstar.

A 26 year old named Angelique Sanchez from Colorado was applying for a job at a health clinic and needed to pass a drug test, which is almost impossible when you live in COLORADO. Angelique knew she was going to fail the test.

She asked someone else for their pee, but it was cold by the time she got it. In order to warm up the pee, she pulled into a 7-11 to warm it up in the microwave.

But this girl apparently doesn't know that liquids only need a few seconds to heat up. She let the microwave go on for so long that THE PEE EXPLODED ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Instead of owning up to her mistake and cleaning up after herself, she just left. When a 7-11 employee found the yellow liquid dripping off the microwave. The smell immediately made him think to call the cops.

When the police went after Angelique, they caught up with her AT THE INTERVIEW at the health clinic

The woman is now facing one count of damaging property and now that the clinic knows what type of shenanigans she pulled, I doubt they'll offer her the job... 

FULL STORY: Woman's Pee Explodes in a 7-11 Microwave

Credit: NBC 9 Denver Anastasiya Bolton

Johan Bos

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