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Honestly, When Was The Last Time You Changed Your A/C Filter?

With high temps blanketing much of the country, air conditioners are working over time. But when was the last time you changed or cleaned your filter?

Harmful bacteria and pathogens can accumulate in air conditioning units, which is why it’s so important to maintain the filters.

Otherwise, the contaminated air is unhealthy to breathe and you could end up sick. The rule of thumb is to check it and change or clean it at least once a month.

If you have central air, the filter should also be changed monthly, unless you have a lot of pets. Then it may need to be done every 15-20 days in peak usage months.

With two Maine Coon cats I have to do about every 20 days during the summer because it's peak shedding season for them.

I also recommend getting your coils cleaned once a year if you have pets who are heavy shedders to.

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how much better your unit will perform

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