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Avenged Sevenfold's Synyster Gates Tatted Fan Reaches Out To Me!


If their gigs as heavy metal stars end up not working out for them, at least Avenged Sevenfold's Synyster Gates and M. Shadows have something to fall back on. The guitarist and singer can get jobs as tattoo artists.

The band hosted a party for members of their Deathbats Club over the weekend, and Gates and Shadows each showed up with tattoo needle in hand. In Gates' case, he was applying the permanent artwork to people's bodies while he was completely wasted, according to some tattoo recipients. Photos posted online show an out-of-it Gates scribbling hard-to-read letters on fans' bodies without sanitary gloves or a protective mask.

Among the biggest disasters of the night was a tattoo Gates gave to a fan named Alex Cain. A photo of the new tat, which appears across Cain's knuckles, reveals Gates might have had trouble hearing over the crowd. The tattoo reads, "Awex Came." You can see it below 😂

Update 1:58AM Friday

Alex sent me an email to clear the whole thing up and says we all got it wrong. I've asked for a phone interview but have yet to hear back. Here is his email:

Hey there, I’m the Alex Cain that you mentioned in your “article” about Synyster Gates giving tattoos while drunk. Interesting that you or none of the other journalists that reported on this didnt(sic) contact anyone that got a tattoo for the real story.
I’m not some random fan, and he didnt(sic) have “trouble hearing over the crowd”, my tweet clearly says I texted him before the party. Me, along with the first 2 guys that got tattooed are personal friends with Syn. We all knew we weren’t getting Picasso art on us. We knew what to expect.

And there you go.

photo: getty images

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