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Airlines cut 34,000 flights from November Flight Schedule!

Your Thanksgiving Travel Could Be Affected

Needless to say, this summer has been the worst for air travel. Quite possibly worst EVER. Staffing issues keep being used for an excuse but it's the airlines themselves knowingly operating with a skeleton crew. Greed flies the plane in this case. Airlines COULD have reduced flights this summer to stave off issues but they did not. From lost bags to less than acceptable delays, miss connections or WORSE, having your connecting flight cancelled while you're on your way to it with NO re-booking options.

Summer travel has significantly declined now and airfares have also dropped sharply. People , come Hell or high water, where going to travel regardless of cost. The airlines took you to the woodshed with astronomical flight increases. Now THEY'RE going to pay the price with angry customers and people willing to go back to driving with fuel costs dropping sharply.

So the airlines decide to try and look like the good guys by cutting flights that, more than likely, were not moving tickets anyway. This will no doubt help across the board. Help THEM, not YOU.

Here's how it breaks down:

😡😡😡 American Airlines will cut 28,807 flights

😡😡 Delta will cut 4,396 flights

😡 United will cut 497 flights

Better shop now while the flights are there!

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