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UPDATE: The #PinkSauce On TikTok Is Not Safe To Eat & Is A SCAM!

Everyone is talking about ‘Pink sauce.’ 

The Pepto-colored condiment was created by Chef Pii, a Miami-based private chef and social media influencer. 

Pii previously posted a short TikTok of herself dipping a chicken tender into a bowl of bright pink sauce and it got over 755-thousand views, which inspired her journey with the product.

Chef Pii claims the sauce is "still in testing” but she is selling it at for 20-dollars a bottle.

Some health experts say there are not enough preservatives in the sauce to make it shelf stable, and are remarking that they’re concerned about the product’s safeness if it hasn’t been FDA-approved yet.  

One even said, "It is absolutely not safe to buy unregulated food from strangers on a social media platform just because it has gone viral.”

The ingredients include dragon fruit, honey, sunflower seed oil, garlic and chili pepper, allegedly.  Some are now saying there's is just Ranch dressing with pink food coloring.

One thing we know for sure according to the label, there is NOTHING to preserve the shelf life of this product so it is dangerous to consume.

photo: getty images

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