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2 Ukraine Flags Defeated 4 Russian Tanks And Soldiers. No Really 馃槀

A report out of Ukraine tells the story of how villagers were able to fend off four Russian tanks with just a couple of flags. Here鈥檚 what they say went down:

路 The tanks enter the village. The soldiers stop, and transfer fuel from two of the tanks to the other two and drive off鈥eaving the two empty tanks behind.

路 Ukrainian villagers place a Ukrainian flag on each of the tanks.

路 The other two tanks return, see the flags, and open fire鈥estroying them.

路 One of the two remaining tanks tries to cross a bridge with a five-ton limit. The bridge collapses, and the tank鈥ith soldiers inside鈥all into the river. Everyone dies.

The other tank drives around, 鈥済ets lost,鈥 and 鈥済ets stuck in a ditch.鈥 (photo above)

路 The Russian soldiers exit the tank and walk away.

And that's the recipe for making Russian soldiers look like morons.

photos: getty images

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