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WILD VIDEO: Plane Tries High Wind Landing In London, Does Not Go Well

British Airways flight 1307 got caught in a gust of wind as one of its tires made contact with the runway.

The plane can be seen lurching to the left as the pilot struggles to maintain control. The tail of the jet appeared to touch the runway as the pilot managed to get airborne again.

The plane then circled around the airport before safely landing about 15 minutes later.

The wild footage was captured by Jerry Dyer and posted on his YouTube channel, Big Jet TV.

"I thought the pilot had it, but the wind was swirling over the Office buildings on the Bath Road. And there's a gap between the open reach building and the next set of office buildings, which allows the gusts to flow unrestricted across the runway."

Richard Thomson, who serves in the United Kingdom Parliament, was on the flight and told CNN that passengers didn't realize how close they came to crashing.

"It didn't feel especially dramatic onboard, and everyone stayed calm, but it's clear now how close we came to a serious incident," Thomson said. "Clearly, we all noticed that we hadn't managed to land and felt the wind, but the skill of the pilot probably meant that it was only really those with a view on the left of the plane who were really able to tell how close to clipping the ground the wing was."

A spokesperson for British Airways praised the pilots and the flight for preventing a crash and keeping passengers calm.

"Our pilots are highly trained to manage a range of scenarios, including extreme weather conditions, and our flight crew landed the aircraft safely. Our customers and crew all disembarked as normal," the spokesperson said.

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