Packers Looking To Sell "More Shares" Of The Team For The 6th Time Ever

If you've ever dreamed of owning a professional sports team, now's your chance.

The Green Bay Packers - who are famously the only pro sports team owned by the fans - are looking to raise money by selling another 300,000 shares of the team for $300 each.

It's only the sixth time in the Packers' 102-year history they've held a stock sale, and the first time since 1998.  

Keep in mind, these shares are basically ceremonial - the team makes clear on its website that the shares "do not constitute and investment" and don't entitle the owner to profits, voting rights, or any other economic benefit.

The team is hoping to raise $90 million for improvements to Lambeau Field. Shares can be purchased right now at the team's official website.

Would you do this for your team even though you know it means really nothing.

photo: getty images

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